Portfolio > Refrigerators(Vanitas) (2020-2023)

Refrigerator Vanitas
Refrigerator Vanitas
Oil on Linen
48 x 64 "

The “Stocked Refrigerator” painting is a direct result of the pandemic. One morning when I went to my refrigerator and looked in, I saw how densely-packed and over-stocked the items were, and I snapped several pictures with my camera phone. This resulted in the first painting of the new series I’m working on of perishable, refrigerated interiors that I think of as recent reflections on the historic tradition of vanitas. Experiencing the everyday life of the pandemic, especially in March 2020 when we were all disinfecting our foods before putting them away, caused me to see vanitas in my everyday surroundings as I cleaned packages and dried them on my kitchen counter, and as I stocked them inside my freezer.